Dr. Teresa Gohen


          Many years ago at the young age of eighteen I walked into the office of a Doctor of Chiropractic. He was fresh out of Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina. He was committed to improving the health and well being of others through the chiropractic adjustment. He was kind, gentle, and gifted in his craft. His enthusiasm was palpable. He walked with a slight swagger in his exaggerated gait. Having been seriously injured in an accident as a teenager he had lost a leg. As frequently happens in our profession, he had been helped by a chiropractor as he was recovering and adapting to an artificial leg. The help came in the form of significant positive change, so notable, that this man chose the profession of chiropractic for himself.

You probably assume by now I had a back pain or an orthopedic abnormality which led me to the office.  This was simply not so!  I had no back pain whatsoever!  The truth is I was excited about the philosophy I had heard this chiropractor speak about.  The philosophy that health comes from within, that you have an innate intelligence within your cells, tissues, organs and systems.  This intelligence is akin to the life force seen in the entire universe and to some known as universal intelligence.  My chiropractor explained that innate intelligence means inborn.  So, innately within you there is an intelligence that works to bring you back to a state of health any time there is a stress, pathogen, injury or insult to your internal environment.  This to me was a new idea I had never heard before.

Chiropractic care helps remove blockage to the flow of the innate intelligence. We know the nervous system in conjunction with the endocrine system, controls and coordinates every function within the body.  The brain and spinal cord, which are collectively the central nervous system, are so vital to life they are protected by twenty-six moveable vertebrae and the skull.  Tiny misalignments only a chiropractor is trained to detect will interfere with the nerve transmission to organs, tissues and cells, and back again to the central nervous system. This may not seem like a big deal, but remember the nervous system is the master controller of all functions in your body.  Consistent daily interference to the communication between the brain, spinal cord, organ, tissue and cell has a cumulative effect.

All throughout my childhood I suffered with upper respiratory infections. I got nasty head colds much more often than the average child. The infections lasted at least seven days with loud sneezing and a continuous runny nose.   These upper respiratory infections caused frequent absences from school and, while I wasn't crazy about school, the absences did add up.  In between most colds, I would recover with no lingering respiratory symptoms, but there were times when the colds were complicated by sinus infections and earaches. My family doctor, an osteopath, occasionally prescribed antibiotics for these additional complications.  Fortunately, he believed that antibiotics should be used as infrequently as possible.  Most of the time the diagnosis was a viral illness.

I recall his familiar refrain when my frustrated mother would ask "Why is she sick so much?". He would say "Terry is healthy, she just has low resistance". I pondered that often.  How could I be healthy and have low resistance at the same time?  I didn't feel healthy - I felt vulnerable.

At eighteen, as I contemplated career choices, I still suffered with these frequent symptoms.  It was almost impossible to function when I had a bout of illness.  At the time, I was studying biology and fine arts at the community college.  I loved painting and drawing, but I wanted a job directly working with others.  But how could I be a naturalist, leading nature education programs outdoors in winter weather when I got sick so easily?  Realistically speaking, missing work was a lot more serious than missing school - school I could always catch up with.  Maybe the chiropractic philosophy could help me.  It seemed sensible. 

I began getting adjustments on a regular basis.  Over a period of a few months there was a change in me on multiple levels. I began to notice a change for the better in my health.  The upper respiratory infections were less frequent and less intense.  When I did get sick, the illness did not last as long.  Secondly, I became aware of the tension I carried in my neck and shoulders.  I was unaware of its presence until it was released.  What a difference in the way I felt!

Lastly, yet most importantly, I felt somehow more integrated as a person.  I had seen a change in my physical body.  This was accomplished by merely have subtle adjustments to the spine, allowing my inner healing wisdom to flow without restriction.  I felt more in balance physically, mentally and emotionally.  Pretty remarkable results, I thought, without taking any medicine.

It was indeed a turning point in my life. I was open to hearing my own inner wisdom on multiple levels.  Because someone talked to me about the chiropractic philosophy, I experienced positive organic change in my life which affects me to this day.

My chiropractor must have seen potential in me because he began talking to me regularly about going to Chiropractic College.  I resisted initially because it was all so new, but over time I began to see chiropractic as the perfect blend combining my interest in biological science with my artistic abilities.  Chiropractic is a philosophy, a science, and an art. Chiro, from the Greek, means done by hand. Here was an avenue to help others doing meaningful work.

Try it and you will be amazed.  The amazement comes in ways that will delight you.  You are capable of feeling integrated physically, emotionally and mentally.  Your own innate intelligence will work for you.

We, as chiropractors, do not say we cure diseases.  We do say that we allow the inner healing wisdom to do its best work by removing interference.  Open yourself to the possibility of greater integration with the help of the gentle and skilled hands of a chiropractor.






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